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    Best Smartphone in 2019 | Best Android Phone

    Best Smartphone in 2019 | Best Android Phone :

    There are new phones arriving all the time, especially when it comes to the world of Android phones. Apple's iPhone might be popular but handsets running Google's mobile OS provide you with a wealth of choice.
    Here at Gadget Media we independently recourse each android phone thoroughly so we can bring you the very best ones you can buy at any given moment. Here we rank the top 10 but keep checking as new ones will be added regularly. Might be Samsung Galaxy S10 series  Will be in this list, but we will give you feedback about this phone after 1 month.
    In 2018 we've had some cracking Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6T, Pixel 3 and Huawei P20 Pro. Hold onto your hats as 2019 should bring us some amazing new android phones.

    Your buying guide for the best Android phones in 2019

    You might still be considering an iPhone, but it's worth checkout out the amazing selection of Android phone before you make a final decision. While you only get to choose from a handful of Apple handsets, there's something for everyone when it comes to Android.
    The top Android phones are made by the likes of Huawei, Google, OnePlus, Sony, Xiaomi and Samsung - with signs of its latest Galaxy S10 models sighted just recently.
    They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and each has selling points – whether it's a sleek waterproof design, a massive display or no less than three cameras. Sometimes, you might get all of this in one android phone.
    Since you're often paying in excess of Rs 50,000 for these android phones, you can expect to get tip top build quality and the latest hardware and software features. Differences between devices can be minimal so a lot will likely come down to personal preference.
    If these are too expensive, then we also have dedicated charts for mid-range phones and budget android phones. So you'll find something no matter how much you have to spend.
    We've done our best to rank the android phones in order taking into account build, value, performance and features. However, make sure you get the android phone that's right for your needs – it might not simply be the android phone in the top spot.
    Note that where phones are very similar – like the S9 and S9 Plus – we've picked the one we think is better to appear in the chart. This is so the ten android phones are nicely varied, providing a wider choice, but the version not chosen is still a valid choice.
    Clicking through to our in-depth reviews will help where we have detailed benchmarks, test photography and more.
    So here they are, the best Android phones you can buy right now.

    1. Google Pixel 3

    Google Pixel 3

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    • MRP: From Rs 70,000

    The Pixel 3 is the best phone you can buy right now. It has the best performance of any Android phone, the best camera on a smartphone ever and a newly premium design.
    Google has paid special attention to the display, which is much better than the previous two generations of Pixels, and the Android 9 Pie software is best with this hardware. The all-glass back now allows for wireless charging, and Google bundles USB-C headphones in the box.
    The Pixel 3 XL is exactly the same experience save for the larger notched display and larger battery. 

    2. Samsung Galaxy S9

    Samsung Galaxy S9

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    • MRP: Rs 48,000

    There's no doubt that the Galaxy S9 is one of the best phones of the year. It offers an excellent all-round experience with Samsung expertly blending design, hardware and software to make a phone that will appeal to all kinds of users.
    You only need to spend extra on the Galaxy S9+ if you really want the extra camera, bigger screen and other internal upgrades - more RAM, storage and a bigger battery aren't as noticeable. 
    However, we can't avoid the fact that the improvements  - namely the camera and biometrics - are minor and in many ways the S9 is the same as the S8 but with a higher price tag. Those on last year's model will unlikely be able to justify the upgrade and those on an S7 or earlier might want to grab the S8 at a now much lower price.

    3. OnePlus 6T

    OnePlus 6T

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    • MRP: 6/128GB Rs 38000  | 8/128GB Rs 42000 | 8/256GB Rs 46000

    This is one of the best phones you can buy even if it is the first OnePlus phone without a headphone jack. An in-screen fingerprint sensor, better speaker and more battery is the pay-off, and it's worth it.
    The large display is excellent, the dual cameras are more capable than ever and performance is the best you can get on Android right now along with the Pixel 3.
    You'll need to like the colour black, but OnePlus continues - just - to undercut industry prices enough to stand out.

    4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro

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    • MRP: TBC

    The Mate 20 Pro is an outstanding phone. The cameras will be the highlight for many people, but it really is a fantastic all-rounder with a top-quality screen, super-fast charging, wireless charging and excellent battery life.
    It isn't perfect, but the small niggles shouldn't be deal-breakers for most people.

    5. Honor View 20

    Honor View 20

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    • MRP: To be confirmed

    The Honor View 20 is stunning to look at - from just about any angle, thanks to the one-two punch of the pinhole camera on the front and the genuinely unique holographic V effect on the glass rear. The photos look great, but don't really do this thing justice - it's properly gorgeous.
    With a Kirin 980 and 6/8GB RAM the specs are plenty powerful to match, and comfortably rival much more expensive flagship phones (including Huawei's own Mate 20 Pro). And perhaps for the first time, Honor deserves to be in the same conversation as the big names when it comes to camera quality. Touting a 48MP lens is meaningless, but it's hard to argue with the results, especially from the AI Ultra Clarity mode.
    At just Rs 40000 for the base model, and Rs 48000 for one with extra RAM and storage, this is genuinely affordable too. Honor's flagships have always offered serious specs and slick design while undercutting rivals on price, but it usually feels like there are a couple of compromises along the way.
    For perhaps the first time, the View 20 doesn't feel that way. Sure, premium features like wireless charging and waterproofing are still missing, but for most people those remain nice-to-haves - whereas with the core features here Honor is firing on all cylinders.

    6. Huawei P20 Pro

    Huawei P20 Pro

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    • MRP: Rs 56000

    In the P20 Pro Huawei has delivered a stunning phone which should be on your shortlist along with the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. Sure, there are some niggles such as the lack of stabilisation for 4K video, no headphone jack and no wireless charging,but if your priority is photography then the P20 Pro does not disappoint.
    Add in the long battery life, dual SIM slots and great screen and you've got the complete package: this is one of the best phones of 2018.
    It's a fair amount more than the regular model so save yourself  Rs 15000 on the regular P20 if you don't mind 'only' dual rear cameras, no waterproofing and an LCD screen vs OLED.

    7. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

    Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

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    • MRP: Rs 46000 

    At £499 the Mi 8 Pro is an incredible buy, undercutting every rival flagship phone in the UK - and now that Xiaomi phones are easily available in the UK, there's no reason not to consider it.
    With powerful performance, decent cameras, some genuinely useful software, a fancy in-display fingerprint sensor and a cool transparent back cover, this is a great all-rounder at a fantastic price.

    8. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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    • MRP: From Rs 67900

    If you want an Android phone with every feature under the sun, the Galaxy Note 9 is it. With premium design, amazing battery life and the unique S-Pen, it's pretty much the most you can spend on a phone right now.
    That said, its features aren't for everyone and it will be too big and expensive for many. The regular S9 has similar design and most of the features and costs less (and will fit in most pockets to boot).
    But the Note 9 has the best display on a smartphone on its release and the 4000mAh battery has incredible stamina. It even has liquid cooling and can run the most demanding mobile games.
    If it's up your street, it's the only choice.

    9. LG V40 ThinQ

    LG V40 ThinQ
    • Ratingratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
    • MRP: From Rs 49900

    This is the best LG phone you can buy. It's got sleek design, versatile cameras, an outstanding headphone jack DAC and full waterproofing.
    The display is the best on an LG phone to date too and it has wireless charging. Performance is slick and LG's Android skin is at its most reserved even if it's not our favourite.
    But you can only buy it in the US and Korea and it's very expensive, which might put some people off.

    10. Sony Xperia XZ3

    Sony Xperia XZ3
    • Ratingratingsratingsratingsratingsratings
    • MRP: Rs 72990

    This is the best Sony phone you can buy right now, but you'd expect that from its latest flagship.
    The design in an improvement on the XZ2 and the OLED display means it can go shoulder to shoulder with the Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6, finally.
    Some software niggles let it down a bit, and side sense is a waste of time. The camera is the best on a Sony (if not the best on a phone) and it's a well rounded package of a phone at a decent price.

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