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    OnePlus 7 Pro users report ghost touch issues, company promises fix

    OnePlus 7 Pro users report ghost touch issues, company promises fix

    OxygenOS continues to be a big pain point for users. Even though the custom ROM brings some unique features, it also comes with several bugs. OnePlus 7 Pro is also no exception. Early users of OnePlus 7 Pro have reported a number of bugs with the phone including a strange phantom touch issue.

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    Many users have taken to online forums to report that OnePlus 7 Pro’s touch screen is affected by “phantom touches”. According to users, the upper corner of the screen trigger ghost touches. The bug appears when you’re using a third-party application. Even our review unit has faced this phantom touch issue.

    Users also pointed out the phantom touch issues when using the CPU-Z application. Some also screen recorded to demonstrate the bug.
    Phantom touch isn’t the only issue OnePlus 7 Pro users have reported. According to the company’s own confirmed list of bugs, some units are affected by battery drain and heating. For some users “selfie camera pops up while getting an incoming video call, the camera pops up even if the Device is the pocket.”
    Interestingly enough, OnePlus has rolled out a new OxygenOS update for users that focuses on fixing several bugs. The latest OxygenOS update optimists double tap to wake and ambient display. It also fixes an issue where there’s an audio delay with Bluetooth headset when playing games.
    As expected, OnePlus is making many changes to the camera with improvement to image quality in HDR mode, image quality in low light and a fixed white balance issue in certain scenes.
    OxygenOS 9.5.4 is rolling out to OnePlus 7 Pro users over-the-air. The latest update is roughly 180MB in size.

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