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Oppo Upcoming Smartphone Image leak, Oppo smartphone with 10x lossless zoom coming in Q2, 2019 , releases more details

Oppo smartphone with 10x zoom coming in Q2, 2019 

Chinese phone maker Oppo says it’s developed a camera system that will bring 10x lossless zoom to smartphones. But you can’t buy one just yet. Oppo used its Mobile World Congress press event to explain how it’s new camera will work… and to explain that you’ll be able to the first phone with its 10x zoom technology in the second quarter of 2019. The system uses three cameras: 

A primary 48MP camera An ultra-wide camera with a 16mm focal length A telephoto camera with a 160mm focal length In other words, you can get 10 times closer to the action by using the telephoto lens as opposed to the ultra-wide lens… although it’s probably more like 5X zoom when compared to the images you’d capture from the primary camera. Still, Oppo put a lot of work into cramming a 160mm lens into a tight space so that it could fit into a slim smartphone. The telephoto camera uses a periscope-style design and a prism to direct light into the phone and sideways rather than straight back. The prism is also used for image stabilization.

OPPO confirms 10x lossless zoom coming in Q2, releases more details 

Today, OPPO held its Innovation Event in Barcelona where it released more details about its 10x lossless zoom technology. OPPO’s 10x lossless zoom technology will appear in a triple camera setup that includes a 16MP ultra-wide angle camera with a 120° FOV, a 48MP primary sensor, and the telephoto lens with the 10x zoom technology. OPPO says it used a periscope module for the telephoto lens to keep the camera setup from being thick. The periscope module features two D-cut lenses and a prism. The Chinese manufacturer adds that both the main camera and the telephoto zoom lens have OIS to reduce blurry images even when you zoom in.
 The whole setup has a focal length of 16mm to 160mm and a thickness of 6.76 mm. OPPO revealed the 10x lossless zoom module is ready for mass production and will appear in its first device in Q2 2019. However, it didn’t hint at the name of the device. OPPO also provided camera samples taken with the super-wide-angle camera and the 10x lossless zoom telephoto lens.We presume the 10x lossless zoom technology will debut on OPPO’s next Find X smartphone. The original Find X was announced in June last year, so there is a possibility OPPO will schedule its successor to launch in the same quarter.

MWC 2019: Oppo show off the 10x zoom camera that will be coming to their next device 

Ahead of this year’s Mobile World Congress, Oppo has shown off new smartphone camera hardware that’s capable of 10x lossless zoom. Speaking at Oppo’s European Innovation Event in Barcelona, Managing Director for OPPO Australia Michael Tran said that “with 10x lossless zoom, our mission was to develop a camera technology that would bring customers closer and let them capture content in a way that no other smartphone manufacturer has to date. We believe we’ve achieved that.” Oppo teased a smartphone camera with 5x optical zoom in early 2017. Then, last month, the company announced it had developed the technology further into a new triple-lens solution that was able to offer 10x lossless zoom. This new configuration combined a Ultra Wide Angle, Ultra Clear Master and Telephoto lens in a unique periscope arrangement, allowing it to surpass the zoom capabilities of even the current champion:
Credit: Oppo 10x zoom sample

Credit: Oppo 10x zoom sample
 Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro. Oppo’s 10x camera configuration also boasts dual optical image stablisation akin to that found in the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S10. Credit: Oppo 1x zoom sample Credit: Oppo 10x zoom sample It’s unclear at this time whether Oppo plan to keep this technology to themselves or license it out to third parties. The 5x lossless zoom camera tech the company showed at MWC 2017 never made it to market. Oppo’s 10x zoom camera looks set to succeed where its predecessor failed, with Oppo product manager Chuck Wang confirming that the company will launch a device in the Q2 of 2019 featuring the technology. What does this mean to consumers? 

Credit: Oppo 10x zoom sample

Credit: Oppo 10x zoom sample

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Though Oppo’s MWC technology showcase doesn’t coincide with any sort of solid info about the devices they’ll be bringing to market later this year, it does set them up for a strong year. When Oppo’s 10x zoom smartphone arrives, it could well see them close the gap between rivals like Google, Samsung and Huawei in a meaningful way. Oppo’s implementation of 10x zoom camera configuration is impressive in its own right but the real value of today’s announcement is in how it expands the possibilities for what their future device could offer. Disclosure – PC World Australia’s coverage of this year’s MWC in Barcelona was sponsored by Oppo who covered the costs of our flights and accommodation. Join the newsletter! Error: Please check your email address. Tags OppoMWC 2019

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