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Redmi K20 Launches After Realme, Realme X Reveals Better Device

Realme X vs Redmi K20: Which is the best smartphone under 20K?

Redmi K20 Launches After Realme, Realme X Reveals Better Device



  • Realme X will go on sale in India starting July 24
  • Redmi K20 launch in India is set for Wednesday, July 17
  • Both phones run Android Pie but with distinct custom skin

Smart-brand maker Xiaomi’s Sub-brand Redmi launched Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro in India on Wednesday. After this, Oppo’s Sub-brand Realme has tensed about the price of this device and has promoted Realme X. Increasing competition among tech companies in India often appears in Twitter and in their advertisements. On the other brands, tense and fun-filled tweets to the CEOs of many bands do with their handles and users also like this method. Right now Realme has told its Realme X to be better than Xiaomi’s Redmi K20.

Reality has photographed a photo from his official Twitter account and highlighted how Realme X is giving better features to users than the ‘smartphone K’ device. The company’s signal in the post clearly is towards Redmi K20. Realme has written that its device is cheap and offers ‘real full screen’ display. Here the price is also given by the Redmi K20, and compared to its Rs 21,999, Realme X is only available for Rs 16,999. Real full screen display means less chin. There is no noch in both devices and pop-up selfie camera setup has been given.
There is a direct competition between Realme and Redmi in the Indian smartphone market. That is why in the tweet, Realme has put the hashtag #WhyPayMore as compared to the price. In addition, Xiaomi did the advertisement of his smartphone as a flagship killer. Taking pleasure in it, Realme posted the post, “Kill the Hype, Let’s Be Real”. The special thing is that Xiaomi also started promoting its Realme K20 in the same fashion after the launch of OnePlus 7, and the fastest smartphone from the OnePlus came with the Redmi K20, the highest Antutu score.

What is the difference between the Realme x and Redmi K20?

Talking about Realme X, the big screen company (5 percent more area) than Redmi K20 is offering it. It has Snapdragon 710 processor compared to Snapdragon 730. In the initial model of the Realme device, there is 4 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM has been given in the Xiaomi Redmi K20. At the same time, the K20 has a much higher sensor triple camera setup on the rear panel. The primary sensor is 48 megapixels and the other two ultra-wide and telephoto sensors are given. Redmi K20’s battery is also bigger. However, there is a big difference in price compared to all these, which makes it better for many users to make realm devices.

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