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Skype screen sharing is now available on mobile

Skype screen sharing is now available on mobile

Despite Skype seemingly going out of fashion in recent years, the service has seen a number of improvements and changes. The latest feature comes in the form of screen sharing on mobile so that you can show your screen to whoever you’re calling. Have a family member who needs help to change a setting on their phone? Simply share your screen and show them how to do it. There are lots of ways you can use the feature, and it’s about time that it came to mobile devices. All you need to do is tap the new “…” menu and select the screen share option. You can also turn on subtitles, add people to the conversation or turn on call recording here. This feature was tested on Skype beta users back in April.
Skype Android screen sharing

Skype has been undergoing huge changes and improvements ever since the launch of the cloud-based Skype for Web back in 2016. The integration of Microsoft’s Cortana to supply live subtitles and a migration to a more centralized back-end proves that Skype is nothing like it once was many years ago. For example, with development frameworks like the BotBuilder SDK, it has never been easier to create your own Skype bot that can interact with other users. The ability to share your mobile phone screen with other users is the next step to giving Skype an advantage over competitors like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Discord.
Besides screen recording, Microsoft also says that the latest version of Skype streamlines and simplifies calls. Once in a call, simply tapping once will hide the call controls, while a double tap will hide everything that isn’t the person you are talking to. Simply tap again to bring it all back.
The latest Skype update is rolling out already on the Google Play Store, and you can check it out and download it below.

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